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10 SEO Tips for Professional Service Companies

Many professional services companies tend to struggle a lot with search optimization. One of the most common issues faced is the improper use of keywords. Some SEO services companies also offer services allowing companies to improve their SEO.

For instance, Fyami is a growth hacking agency in the UK that offers marketing consulting services to help enhance your company’s SEO.

However, there are a few things that you can try on your own for better SEO.

Tip #1 – Register Your Business with Google My Business

Registering your professional services firm with Google My Business is a critical step for local SEO rankings. You need to ensure that the information on your Google Business page is always accurate and up-to-date. Research shows that this information is very useful for potential customers who use Google search to find businesses.

P.S. – The business information you add to Google My Business shows up on Google+ and Maps as well.

Tip #2 – Install Web Analytics

It’s a highly recommended practice to install web analytics tools to your website, especially before you make SEO changes. This will allow you to measure the impact of these changes and how they are influencing your organic search results. If you’re taking the right approach to SEO, your web analytics tool will show impressive before-and-after results.

There are plenty of web analytics tools available today. One of the best amongst these is Google Analytics by Google. This platform allows you to track website traffic and determine if changes in your SEO increased visitors to your site.

Tip #3 – Add ALT Tags to Images

It’s a common problem for professional services firms to find relevant and interesting images. As a result, these firms use low-quality, bland images. Moreover, hardly any of these images have ALT tags.

Optimizing images with alt text will provide higher relevance to search engines about your content and bring more traffic to your website. Therefore, for successful SEO, you need to have ALT tags containing appropriate keywords for the images you use.

Tip #4 – Use Long-Tail Keywords

SEO is an essential tool for any professional services firm. However, your firm will not be able to secure a high rank with simple keywords like “personal injury lawyer”. Instead, you need to use long-tail keywords to ensure that your firm ranks amongst the top 10 positions of any search engine’s results page.

Long-tail keywords are phrases with high word counts. This makes long term keywords more specific than searches with lower word counts. An example of a long-tail keyword could be “best personal injury lawyer in New Jersey.”

Tip #5 – Understand the Importance of SEO Blogging

The blog post you put up on your website is going to attract a lot of readers. In a lot of cases, blog posts can even rank higher than 80% of the pages on a professional services firm’s website. This statistic clearly indicates why you should not overlook blogging as an important tool in your SEO strategy and overall marketing plan.

Tip #6 – Pay Attention to the Word Count

The average word count for search results on a Google Page is approximately 1,447 words. And this is exactly what you need to target for with your pages. With this word count, you can give your readers an in-depth insight into your firm and the services you offer. Plus, you will even be providing readers with valuable content that they could possibly share.

Make sure that your content is interesting and not just filling up the word count. Remember that Google’s ranking algorithms place a lot of emphasis on the quality of content.

Tip #7 – Develop A Focused Web Copy

Several professional services firms often have a rambling web copy with no structure in regard to the page’s keyword placement. For instance, the specific keywords for which the page was developed are missing from the copy.

You need to ensure that you write a focused, compelling, and engaging web copy for B2B SEO. Only then will you be able to meet the goals you set for your SEO strategy.

Tip #8 – Repurpose Successful Content

Professional services firms typically do not have marketing departments to create interesting pieces of content. This fact might hold true for your firm as well. However, it is still essential for you to maintain a constant flow of content. Doing this allows Google to see that your website is functioning. Moreover, this ensures that people keep revisiting your website and aids in attracting new visitors as well.

A great way to maintain a steady flow of content to repurpose successful content. For instance, you could convert a past blog into a video and vice versa. You could even use previous pieces to generate useful infographics.

Tip #9– Add Reviews

Along with quality, Google also places a high emphasis on social signals. This includes the frequency of your content being mentioned or shared online. It also encompasses how often your content is getting reviewed and if it’s being reviewed positively.

Thus, you need to encourage customers to review your service and make it easy for them to do so. For instance, you could have an email campaign to request customers to review your service. Positive reviews are extremely valuable as they allow other potential customers to feel comfortable working with you.

Tip #10 – Hire an SEO Company

There are certain cases where a professional services firm can do its SEO entirely in-house. For instance, you do your SEO work internally if you have trained SEO experts in your team. However, this is highly unlikely in most professional services firms that don’t lie in the marketing sector.

If you don’t have any SEO experts in your organization, you should consider getting an SEO company onboard. These companies can help improve your SEO strategy and ensure that your firm ranks high on search results pages.

Note – Make sure to carefully evaluate these firms before hiring them. The best way to do this is by reading the testimonials on their website and other social media pages.

Parting Words

Following these tips is a sure fire way to enhance your company’s SEO. However, if you’re still not sure about it, you can contact our team at Fyami to bring you specialized marketing and technology solutions for your firm. 

Author Bio:

Faye Eldridge is the founder and director of “The Fyami Marketing group limited”. Fyami is a curious growth and full-service marketing agency in London that provides demand generation, digital, social media, and lead generation services in London.’ Our mission is to get more businesses in this technology-led digital age. Faye believes in positive influencing, transparency, diversity, being inquisitive, being tenacious, and sharing knowledge. She has a Master’s degree and is currently partaking in doctorate business research relating to the CMO and CTO collaboration.