Cold emails templates that can get a response in 2020


Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to follow up a customer without spending any fortune. If you have a very good number of subscribers base then you only need a few good tools and effective strategies to market your product and the content associated with it in a very effective way. Always keep in mind that the purpose of email marketing should be educational only not the marketing-oriented way. Therefore if you try to sell your product via emails then the chances of bounce rates or the emails not getting opened are very high.

Before initiating all your email marketing campaigns you must have done proper research about the market at which you are targeting. Therefore, you may need to research more about their work schedule and consumer behaviour. The better you plan your audience the better the outcome you will get.

The following are some of the best strategies to get responses to your cold email templates in 2020:

1 Use the AIDA formula to attract your clients: AIDA stands for AttentionInterestDesire, and Action. Firstly you should know how to draw the attention of your audience in a particular product. The product must be presented to your audience interestingly and effectively. So that a certain amount of desire is generated inside them to buy the product. Buying the product or not buying the product is the choice of the customer. Then finally here comes the call to action, you need to create a strong call to action to make the customer buy your product.

Always remember that AIDA works when your targeted audience is defined at a specific interest or subject.

2 Use PAS formula: PAS stands for Problem, Agitate and Solve. Here you may need to analyze the problems of the customer. You must use all the social media tools to get the exact pin-pointed problem of the customer. Therefore here you can research through various social media tools like twitter, Google trends. Here you will get to know more about consumer behavior and based on these you can develop an email marketing strategy. Now after analyzing the problems of the consumers and your targeted audience, you can start charging them for consulting.

Therefore, through this the more the problems you resolve the better the value you can create. This is because business is all the exchange of values. Therefore the higher you can give a solution to a problem the higher the revenue you can make. This will further increase your turnover and profits.

3 Storytelling strategies: When it comes to making the customers aware of your product. Stories are the best way to market your product and its specifications. Everyone loves to read stories, so here you can market your product through effective real-life stories. You can very easily make them believe about the purpose of your product and the benefits they can get by using the product. Therefore here the pitching strategy should also be in a very friendly manner. Always remember that you never force your customers to buy a particular product.

4 Asking question strategy: The more you ask about the problems of your audience, the more are the chances to understand them in a better way. Therefore here you may need to act like a consultant to resolve the problems of your customers and try to give the best possible solutions to the problems and issues faced by them.

The more you ask questions more are chances of getting into the minds of the consumers this may further increase the conversion rates and the chances of sales closure. Apart from all of these also try to increase your copywriting skills, if you are an excellent copywriter then you can write excellent and eye-catching email subject lines.

5 Follow up Strategy: As an email marketer you should not only send emails to your fellow targeted audience but along with this you must have a proper follow-up strategy from time to time. Along with this, one must also remember that the follow-up emails should be sent at regular intervals without spamming the customer. Apart from this, you must also remember not to irritate your customer by sending the mail again and again in the name of the follow-up.

Email marketing is the most powerful strategy to make the customers more aware about your product that too at the cheapest way. This can further increase the conversion rates, improves the branding image of the company and can also educate the costumers more about the benefits of your product effectively and very efficiently.

Therefore if done very effective email marketing can bring fortunes to your organization and this is going to be among the highest-paid skills in the future.

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