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How vampires and the Steam Link won a cage match with Covid-19

Vampires have a good deal of strengths, if you think about it. I’m not specifically a vampire salesman, but the concept has a large amount of advantage when you are laying in bed with Covid-19 and wishing you had vampire tremendous powers to use to experience better.

Fortunately, though I was sick recently, a new ally had just risen from their coffin in the form of V Soaring – the vampire survival activity that just broke 1m sales in its initial week. Unfortunately for me, my head and lungs (staying the treacherous and unreliable items they are) experienced decided that sitting down at my pc was off limits. So I cast about my bed room with weary eyes for a savior, something to entertain me in the waking hrs in which I couldn’t rest, but also could not shift all-around.