Omega Wolverine is on the run from Wolverine in X Deaths #5 preview


Wolverine is on the hunt for… Wolverine. Laura Kinney, the next Wolverine, and her siblings Daken and Honey Badger, are in sizzling pursuit of the Phalanx-contaminated foreseeable future Logan known as Omega Wolverine throughout Krakoa in a new set of interior pages from X Fatalities of Wolverine #5, the final concern of the Deaths side of Marvel’s two interlocking X Life and X Deaths of Wolverine limited series.

In X Life, Wolverine has been sent on a psychic mission to just take down Omega Purple as he time travels to check out and destroy Xavier. At the very same time, in X Fatalities of Wolverine, a bizarre, techno-organic Wolverine has been marauding across the existing in pursuit of Moira MacTaggart, who has allied with an anti-mutant scientist to attempt to merge humanity with engineering to outlive mutantkind. 

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