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Step-by-Step Guide to change your name with a Deed Poll

Step-by-Step Guide to change your name with a Deed Poll

Guidelines to Change Name by Deed Poll Acceptably

As a resident of the U.K, it’s easy to change your name legally whenever the need arises. You are not bound by irrational restrictions while carrying out official procedures legitimately such as a decision to change your name using Deed Poll. Acquaint yourself with the correct legal procedure for changing your name, make some basic arrangements (which are easy and manageable) and adhere to the legalities duly. A Deed Poll, such as the one offered by the UK Deed Poll Office, is the keenest way to get a new name for yourself officially. The UK Deed Poll Office is a quick, simple and cost-effective channel to apply for a Deed Poll online. It delivers a government-registered Deed Poll which is valid everywhere and ensures you’ll face no hurdle or rejection for your new name when you submit it.

Initially, some applicants feel hesitant to opt for a Deed Poll instead of conventional practices like consulting lawyers or going to courts. If you’re in a similar dilemma, rest assured of the validity of changing your name by Deed Poll. It is totally in every respect a legally valid name change procedure in the U.K. that has legal weightage. In addition, it is a far more effective and convenient alternative to apply for a change of your name legally. In case you are on the threshold of getting a new identity with a new name you love, go for a Deed Poll without any doubt whatsoever. 

It’s easy to Change Name by Deed Poll. Here’s how…

A Deed Poll is an authorised document that legalises your new name and allows you to update your official documents. Follow the procedure stated below to know how a specialised service like this can be availed of:

  • Fill up the applicable online application form (it entails applying for an Adult or Child Deed Poll). Payment is to be made through the secure payment system of the UK Deed Poll Office
  • Place the order for your Deed Poll before 3.00 p.m. (Monday and Friday) as your application can then be processed on the same day and dispatched within two working days. The First Class Post is used for delivery of your Deed Poll
  • Upon the arrival of your Deed Poll and duplicate copies, sign and get all the copies witnessed by a person who has agreed to be the witness (your friend, neighbour or a colleague) who should be present at the time of delivery
  • Submit your Deed Poll to various legal agencies that would need evidence of the change of your name. It is advisable to make a list of such institutes and bodies in advance which should be informed about your official change of name

The procedure to Change name by Deed Poll is convenient as well as hassle-free. What’s more, it is also affordable and far quicker than other methods. One thing you need to take care of is choosing a name that is not controversial, profane, legally dicey or obscure which can get rejected and hinders smooth conduct of the name change procedure.