6 Ways Animation Can Boost Your Brand


Business-owners invest their heart and soul into building an impeccable product. However, even the best product is vulnerable; it can fail due to flawed marketing. The online world has brought several intuitive and effective methods into the spotlight, enhancing marketing campaigns to a significant extent. These days animation is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience. Here is how a brand design agency in London can help you.

1. Boost Awareness

3D and 2D animation has helped brands to increase brand awareness and recognizability. Animated videos are trending among contemporary customers. Laced with humor, you can make them more appealing to your audience and attract more leads and prospects. This way, you can gain a powerful opportunity to promote your brand message to the prospective clients.

Additionally, various brands utilize animated logos and mottos in their advertisements to make their brand uniqueness and identity prominent. This is useful for raising brand awareness across the media channels. Want to check some cool designs? Send us a message so we can show we helped companies to emphasize their identity.

2. Display Products

Did you purchase a new set of products? Are you looking for a potent strategy to show them off? Perhaps, animation can be your friend.

A eye-catching, colorful, and professional web page containing customized 3D animations is an effective way to attract audience. Think as a customer. Would you like to go through a detailed article explaining a product? Or will you watch an animation that offers a clearer picture of how the product works? Perhaps the second option would satisfy you. This is an area where modern customers have reached a consensus. Studies show that a prospective client is four times more likely to watch visual imagery – photos or animation about a product than read about it any textual format. Hence, incorporate product animation into your brand’s website, a move that can pay dividends in the long run.

3. Make Your Videos Shareable

Share-ability entails tremendous value. If you are looking to make your sales skyrocket, a shareable video is your best bet. Nearly 93% of businesses earned new followers only because they uploaded a video on social media. So, what is stopping you?

Brainstorm engaging ideas, release them for the public, and wait for them to become viral. These days, online marketing is strongly tied to social media platforms, such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook. These are wonderful avenues to promote your brand’s animated content.

Over time businesses have realized the significance of animation on social media as 90% of their audience lies on these platforms. Social media can ensure that your product is easy to understand and appears more professional. These factors play on the minds of your followers. If your animation is unique enough, it can generate a large number of likes and shares, making your visible to a broader audience.

4. Connect With Your Customers

Using animation for brand marketing lets you connect with your customers on a personal level. Animation ensures that your company’s unique personality and perspective is exhibited effectively and efficiently. As a result, it remains on your customers’ minds for longer periods and produces positive outcomes.

According to a survey, 91% of consumers prefer brands that are more original. Originality compels them to share their brand among friends and family. Similarly, 62% of them prefer doing business with a company that expresses itself with authenticity.

With animation, you company has an excellent opportunity to put forward a unique perspective and stand out as someone authentic.

5. Optimize SEO

It is not only the modern custom that favors animation. Even Google likes it. Adding animated content on your website can improve search engine optimization (SEO), helping your content rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

One of Google’s ranking factors is the amount of time a visitor stays on the website. Therefore, adding animation content on your website can trigger a rapid increase in your brand’s SEO growth.

Also, make the most of YouTube; it can boost your SEO campaigns. Create animated tutorials or informative videos linked to your products/services. Have them uploaded on YouTube upon completion. YouTube will not only assist you with hosting your video, but also embedding them on your web page. Including your keywords in videos can further increase your ranking.

6. Landing Pages

Leading brands rely on several landing pages to improve conversion. Repeating the same video in each web page is ineffective and doesn’t bode well for your SEO. Making live videos can cost an arm and log. A better strategy is to create animated videos.

Your landing page can entail an informative or humorous video about your product. If done properly, it can serve as the main source of traffic to your products. You can use animated videos in the landing page as an explainer video that can shed light on your services.

You can also create an animated promotional video that markets your product, encouraging social shares and persuades your prospects to sign up. Other ways to use animation is to work on a thank you video to develop social engagement.

Final Thoughts

Animation always receives a positive audience response, often more than other channels. Perform in-depth market research and create buyer personas to know your customers better. In this way, you can make the most out of animation and produce content that truly resonates with them.

If you are looking for 3D animation studios in London, then reach out to us. We can help boost your brand’s visibility.

Author Bio:

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour – a digital design agency that offers various services, like website design, animation, bespoke exhibition stand design, etc. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.

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