As a multinational technology company, Apple certainly has many amazing innovations and technologies to develop. Apple, which never stops innovating and developing, seems to know no pause, after recently releasing the Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple is preparing to develop technology that will replace driving licenses and passports with its technology.

Verified claims are signed by the server based on verification of the information by the identity verification provider. This is separate from the server and device-specific verified claims.

     As exciting and promising as it may sound, losing a smartphone could mean losing access to all documents. However, it is possible that everyone has both the digital and physical form of their identity card. For example, if traveling abroad, one can keep the passport in the hotel room safe, while the digital version is on the cellphone.

     Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey has stated the potential for the iPhone to replace the essential cards is something they are currently investigating. But Bailey also noted that it might be difficult due to legal issues. For example, the government needs to authenticate these digital documents to ensure they are valid.

     The idea of ​​a smartphone being used to show someone’s identification is not new. In the past, there have been initiatives that SIMs can be stored digitally from places in the United Kingdom (UK).

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