Difference Between SSD and HDD Dedicated Hosting

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A website needs to reside on a web hosting server to be accessible online. There are various types of servers available, like Shared Hosting Servers, Cloud Hosting Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, etc. Of these, Dedicated Servers are the most powerful option since an entire web server is dedicated to your site. 

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While choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, it is important to choose the storage system carefully. While traditionally, Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) were the only option, today, most hosting providers offer Solid State Drive or SSD-based Dedicated Servers to boost performance. SSDs are relatively new compared to HDDs. Hence, most website owners are not aware of the benefits offered by a server with an SSD. 

Today, we will compare HDD and SSD Dedicated Hosting plans to help you make an informed decision.

Before that, let us get a basic understanding of Dedicated Server Hosting in the following video:


HDD Dedicated Servers vs. SSD Dedicated Servers

While Dedicated Web Hosting Servers are expected to perform better than other hosting servers, their performance is limited to the configurations and the hardware used. Here is a quick look at how SSD and HDD-based Dedicated Servers pitch against one another. 

Server Speed

Server speed is the rate at which the webserver can read/write data or access it. Here is how HDDs and SSDs manage data:

  • HDDs store data on a metallic disk having a magnetic coating. Additionally, they have a physically moving pointer that stores and retrieves data as required. Hence, the speed of data storage/retrieval depends upon the speed at which the disk rotates and the pointer moves. Being a physically rotating disk, there is a limit beyond which the disk cannot spin. This is the limit of the speed of data storage/retrieval in an HDD.
  • In an SSD, data is stored in microchips. Imagine it to be like a large flash drive. Data is retrieved from microchips too. There are no physically moving parts. Hence, there are no restrictions on the speed of data storage/recovery based on the speed of spin of the disk.

Therefore, SSDs tend to store/retrieve data at a much faster rate as compared to HDDs. Therefore, if you opt for a web server that uses SSD, your website will load quicker than a server using an HDD.

The Risk of Server Failure

The storage system of a server plays an important part in ensuring its reliability. Since HDDs have parts that need to physically move to store or retrieve data, wear and tear can cause them to crash at any moment, causing a disruption in services and potential data loss. While most hosting companies are aware of this risk and constantly monitor the HDD to ensure optimum performance, the risk is always present.

Since SSDs have no parts that need physical movement, they tend to wear out much slower. Hence, SSD-based servers are more reliable than HDD-based servers. 


SSD Dedicated Server Hosting plans are costlier than HDD Dedicated Server plans. This is because SSDs are costlier than HDDs.

However, when it comes to web hosting, merely looking at the price of the plan without comparing benefits can be counterproductive. As a site owner, you need to assess your site’s requirements and look for a plan that allows it to perform optimally.

If your site demands higher speeds and reliability, then an SSD is better for you. While HDD-based servers perform well, too, if the speed starts affecting your site visitors, then the price you might have to pay could be greater than the difference in the price of the hosting service.

Summing Up

SSD Dedicated Servers have several advantages over HDD Dedicated Servers. However, you need to be sure that your site needs the power of an SSD before making the decision. If your site’s requirements are basic and you are migrating to a Windows or Linux Dedicated Server only for better control, then an HDD-based plan should be sufficient. Consider all aspects and choose the best Dedicated Server Hosting plan for your site. Good Luck! 

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