Using the Krups XP4050 – The Programming is Simple


When you don’t have a lot of time, it can be maddening to have to brew your coffee yourself. Even though I will drink instant coffee, I really needed a decent coffee machine, particularly a unit that brewed espresso as well, since this is what I enjoy the most. Thankfully, I finally purchased my first coffee machine, and am glad I chose the Krups XP4050 as the one I would use in my home.

I did not want a maker that only brewed coffee because I must get a dose of caffeine from a cup of espresso so I can wake up in the morning. I felt that my money was not going to good use whenever I purchased my morning espresso just to get some caffeine. However, I am extremely pleased with what this excellent coffee maker can do.

So, why did I pick this device? I have to admit that I did not have a lot of money, thanks to all the espressos I bought from a commercial cafe, so I was unable to buy my first choice. But, when considering the numerous features, you can tell that my purchase was a good one.

  • It operates on 1200 watts
  • It is fully programmable
  • In the pump, there are 15 bars
  • The buttons are simple to use
  • It will work with a variety of espresso pods, including double, single, or ESE
  • There is a tray for heating up mugs
  • The water container is large at 32 oz
  • It comes with a steam wand and the capability to froth milk
  • It will brew several different cup sizes
  • It will brew several different strengths

It only weighs 12 lbs, but even though it does not weigh much, it does make excellent espresso. This model is manufactured by a leading European company that specializes in drink and food. It is a very stylish appliance that makes a great cup of real European-style espresso. I was even surprised to find out not too long ago that this model will even brew cappuccino. I am amazed! I am sure I will be entertaining my friends in the near future. On her way to work, my neighbor is already coming over for a cup of coffee!

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