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When you are looking for a high speed internet provider you are looking for an internet service provider that will provide you the speed that they claim to have. Usually when you sign up for an internet service, you pay huge amount of money but you are actually not getting that speed which your provider claims to have. These days a high speed internet act as a savior because we need to have a good internet connection for success. Everyone is seeking out motives to get a higher sense of positivity to get all through those hard instances of the worldwide pandemic because of the coronavirus COVID19. The year we’ve spent up to now, has been complete of uncertainty. The year 2020 is now over and, we’re nonetheless caught in our homes, running from domestic suffocation, taking classes through the internet by sitting at the same work place. We now no longer have lengthy rides, amusement drinks, you may overlook the entirety or exit for tour events due to the fact the entirety is paused. We are looking to press that play button to restart our lives, so we can get our life back together.

There are nonetheless a few possibilities for a 2nd wave. During this hard time, Spectrum has now, come up with a few notable discounts and reductions so that you can get a huge peace of mind. Spectrum has a 24/7 Spectrum customer service option, you may see their representatives stay online and you may ask any questions.

Spectrum gives a very high speed internet of 100 Mbps that is the basic internet speed with them that costs you around $49 and they have another option of 400 Mbps that is called Ultra high speed internet and the highest internet speed of 1 Gig internet that is a lightning fast speed internet.

Spectrum is a broadband internet provider that gives unlimited internet without any data caps. You can download as much as you want. Spectrum gives a 30 days’ money back guarantee that means you will not need to pay anything upfront. You also get a free internet modem along with any internet package of your choice. Your internet will not only be confined within the walls of your home instead of that you will be able to have an access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots with which you can easily connect your devices while you are away from your home.

CenturyLink DSL

CenturyLink has a highest internet speed option with latest high ended fiber optic technology. You can get a speed that you desire to have. They offer promotional discounted rates for life. You will see the same amount on your bill for as long as you keep their internet services. They give you an option to choose 100 Mbps per sec for 40 per month and 940 Mbps per sec for almost $80 per sec. There are no contracts required with them. You can keep the services for a specific amount of time and cancel after that but you will not be charged any early termination fee. You will get a huge data limit of 1 TB, most of the users don’t even consume half of the limit.

Also, a good practice to check your internet speed is to find out ways through which you can monitor your internet speed and usage so sign up for a speed that fulfills your requirements and usage.

There are various websites available from where you can monitor your internet usage, just by adding “Monitor internet usage online” on Google you can have a dropdown menu from which you can select any option to monitor your usage.

There are various apps available which you can download and monitor your internet data requirements. Some of the tops ranked apps for monitoring all the data that you are utilizing are, Net Balancer, Net Guard, Bandwidth Monitor, Net Traffic, Network Usage View.

Through these aforementioned tools, you can keep a track of the data that you are using and statistics will be visible. This way you can also see which activity you are acquiring more data. As, it shows you the amount of data that each app or website utilizes, this way you get an idea about heavy websites and Apps that requires more data.

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